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Rosson Audio Design

Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 12:22 pm
by Dr Pan K
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Νεα εταιρια ακουστικών απο τον Alex Rosson, πρώην της Audeze και μετεπειτα της Shinola. Θυμιζουν πολυ τα Audeze, ειναι planar magnetic, το μοντελο που λανσαρε ειναι στα 29 Ohm και φαντάζομαι αντιστοιχης ευαισθησίας με τα μεγαλα planar και κοστιζουν $2.600.

To achieve this, we fit a proprietary array of 11 N52 magnets into a medium-sized 66mm speaker. The result is a perfectly balanced listening experience with detailed transients and mids, a very tight and controlled low end, and the size and weight to comfortably wear the headphones for hours.

While one half of the team works on the housings, the other half assembles the speakers in small batches and lets them “preburn” at 100dB for two weeks to help enrich their sound. The speakers then go through rigorous testing and validation to ensure that each pair is ready for its new home. Our testing tolerance is 0.3dB variance, and only those speakers that make it past the cut get installed into their newly made housings.

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